The Money Saving Hack

Pillar Financial   •   June 9, 2018

Everyone I know sets themselves the goal of saving more, after all it was one of my goals too!

I know I am capable of saving more than I currently do, so in April I tested out a couple of ideas to save a couple of extra bucks without an impact to my lifestyle.

Idea 1: Give up coffee

For any coffee lovers out there I bet you know how that ended…Let’s just say 5 days into it no one wanted to talk to me. So that didn’t work and frankly I’m just not willing to sacrifice my lifestyle to save $4.20 a day.

Idea 2: ING Every Day Round Up
I have to admit I am a big fan of ING. No account fee’s, good interest rates on saving accounts & no ATM fees. An everyday round up account works by let’s say you buy a sandwich that costs $5.20; you decide if you want to round up to the nearest dollar or $5.00’s then the money that is rounded up gets deposited from your everyday account into your savings account. Pretty simple hey?

Nearest dollar: Spend $5.20 and the round up will deposit $0.80 to your savings account.
Nearest $5.00: Spend $5.20and the round up will deposit $4.80 into your savings account.

I decided to round up to the nearest $5.00

In 30 days I have saved a total of $186.10

What I liked about this was firstly I didn’t have to give up coffee (thank goodness!) and secondly it was in such small amounts that I honestly didn’t notice any difference from my every day account.

It’s practically the online version of the money box we all put our loose change into.

$186.10… Sure that doesn’t seem like much right? It isn’t but let’s say my spending habits are pretty much the same every month over the next 12 months I could save a total of $2,233.20?

Now, for no effort, no impact to my lifestyle I’m certainly not complaining about an extra $2,233.20 sitting in my savings account every year compounding or better yet, paying it off the mortgage.

Do you have any little money saving hacks?


Tried and Tested by,

Charmaine Walker

Pillar Financial  


Disclaimer: We have no affiliation or connection to ING. This article is not advice. We strongly suggest you seek your own financial advice before making any decisions related to your financial position.