Pillar Financial   •   October 11, 2017

Managing our personal finances can be stressful. However with endless apps available you can turn your smart phone into an on-the-go personal finance advisor.

Here are our Top Five Personal Finance Apps

1. Pocketbook

Available on: iOS and Android

If you are sick of managing your day to day finances through a spreadsheet then Pocketbook is for you. It takes care of all of your financial needs and easily syncs with your bank accounts.  Not to mention it automatically categorises majority of your purchases after searching for regular payments such as bills and will let you know how much you can safely spend for the week without blowing out your budget!

2. TrackMyGoals

Available on: Android and iOS

TrackMyGoals is the perfect savings tracker. It gives you the motivation you need to stick to your savings budget to buy your next house or take a trip to the Gold Coast with the kids.
Best of all, it’s the simplest app to use. Add a goal, a date you want to achieve it by, how much it’s going to cost and you’re good to go! It’ll even give you handy reminders.

3. Expensify

Available on: Android and iOS

Expensify takes the pain out of filing paper receipts by allowing you to scan all of your receipts and extracting the important information such as merchant, date/time and amount. It also allows you to track time or even track km’s for tax deductions.  The added benefit is when you make your next trip to the accountant you can simply download the data into a CSV spreadsheet. You’ll never be stressing trying to store & file all of your tax deduction receipts again.

4. ATO

Available on: Android and iOS

The ATO app is used for individual tax payers & small business owners. You can track your tax return, track and manage your tax deductions and it gives you access to a range of handy little finance calculators such as the tax withheld calculator.


5. MoneySmart Calculator 

Available on Android & IOS

MoneySmart’s calculator gives you access on the go to a variety of calculators such as a savings calculator, loan calculator, mortgage calculator and an interest-free deal calculator.